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Forte Kochi- Every tourist’s dream hotel

The sun is shining and the views are stunning as is usual this time of the year in Kerala. So it is fitting that World Tourism Day falls in the month of September, on the 27th.

You will be greeted with sunny weather on your visit to Forte Kochi, perfect for a day at the beach or simply to cycle around scenic Fort Kochi visiting historic locations. There is a reason why Fort Kochi has been on every traveller’s ‘must visit’ list and a reason why it stays close to your heart once you do.

Forte Kochi- Every tourist’s dream hotel

With a rich history that has been skilfully preserved, this small port city is both quaint and yet, modern. It boasts beautiful views, stretches of beach, luxury 5-star resorts, and a plethora of buildings and lanes that look like they belong in a town in Portugal.

If this sounds appealing, why not celebrate this World Tourism Day by giving into the wanderlust?

At the heart of Fort Kochi, our luxury boutique hotel offers beautiful rooms, proximity to all famous tourist attractions in the port city, as well as an incredible in-house restaurant, Jetty.

The perfect tribute to the legacy of the city, Forte Kochi is a beautifully conserved property that used to be the home of one of the biggest Jewish merchant families in the past. This history can be seen in the architecture of the building itself, as well as in features like a sprawling central courtyard and the natural holy spring. Great care has been taken to ensure that even the décor and modern luxuries go perfectly with the ambiance of the beautiful and stylistic design.

Forte Kochi- Every tourist’s dream hotel

Ideal for families, groups of friends, and lone adventurers, Forte Kochi is a short walk from iconic locations such as the Chinese fishing nets by the beach, the art hub of Aspinwall House, and many museums, there is never a day that goes by without something exciting to do. If the 5-minute walk to the beach wasn’t enough, Forte Kochi also has a pool for you to enjoy and lounge by. After all, what vacation is complete without a poolside photo?