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Travel Diary

  • Dine Your Way at Kochi's Best Restaurant - Jetty at Forte Kochi
    Dine Your Way at Kochi's Best Restaurant - Jetty at Forte Kochi

    While you whisk away your day amidst grand heritage and abundant luxury at Forte Kochi, make sure you also indulge your palate in the multi-cuisine delicacies available at Jetty restaurant. Jetty restaurant represents several colonial cultures that influenced Fort Kochi especially during the colonial era, and the variety of choices on the menu reflect these colonial influenced times. Jetty is one of the highly recommended restaurants in Kochi especially for its ambience.

  • All Art Lovers at Kochi Biennale 2022
    All Art Lovers at Kochi Biennale 2022

    Art intrigues and imitates life as we know it and Kochi-Muziris Biennale is here to entice all art aficionados across the globe. The Kochi-Muziris Biennale is Asia's biggest festival of contemporary art exhibition that showcases artists from all over the world. This grand event entails everything from art exhibitions to seminars, talks, screenings, musical programs, workshops, and several other educational activities for art lovers, that take place in one of the oldest ports in the country - Fort Kochi. Unlike any other art exhibition in the country, the Kochi Muziris Biennale exhibition lasts for five months at the coasts of Fort Kochi.

  • 5 Things To Do On Your Next Trip With The Gang
    5 Things To Do On Your Next Trip With The Gang

    Travelling with your friends is always the dream, and with a few good travel tips from our experts at Paul John Resorts and Hotels, we can make that dream a reality! After all, what is a long weekend without some time to unwind with friends?

    So, as the long weekend draws near, we dive into our best travel advice for friends who are looking for a getaway together.

  • 5 top places to stay on a luxury journey through Kerala
    5 top places to stay on a luxury journey through Kerala

    Katie Treharne picks the top luxury stays in this tropical Indian state.

    Goodbye houseboats, and hello luxury. Kerala is loaded with small luxuries, such as karimeen fish roasted in banana leaf and then smeared with turmeric and other Keralite spices; backwaters balancing bushy water hyacinths alongside coir-woven houseboats; and mountain slopes coloured-in green with tea plantations and slender silver oaks.

  • 48 hrs in Kochi, Kerala. Is the Queen of the Arabian Sea Worth Visiting?
    48 hrs in Kochi, Kerala. Is the Queen of the Arabian Sea Worth Visiting?

    Are you planning a trip to Kerala and wondering whether Kochi (Cochin) is worth visiting or not? Read my complete travel guide answering all your questions, including the best places to visit in Kochi and Fort Kochi, where to stay, eat, and when to go.

    After spending a week in two different destinations - Bangalore and Coorg - I thought I had experienced two very unique holidays. Nothing could match them in my two-week-long South India Trip. Still, both Fort Kochi and Kumarakom exceeded my expectations. In this post, I'll tell you why I fell in love with Kochi and what are the best things to do in Kochi in 2 days.

  • Flirt with history this Valentine's Day
    Flirt with history this Valentine's Day

    As the day of love comes around, it’s time to begin planning a treat for you and your favourite person. Whether contemplating some special Valentine’s gift ideas, a dinner reservation or picnic basket, or even some creative couple’s activities, we have a suggestion that can top it all.

    Forte Kochi brings you a romantic getaway in the heart of Cochin, with the windy beach and beautiful port city to explore with your significant other. The quaint city is known for its romantic settings, boasting touches of modernity mingling with centuries of heritage and art.

  • Forte Kochi- Every tourist’s dream hotel
    Forte Kochi- Every tourist’s dream hotel

    The sun is shining and the views are stunning as is usual this time of the year in Kerala. So it is fitting that World Tourism Day falls in the month of September, on the 27th.

    You will be greeted with sunny weather on your visit to Forte Kochi, perfect for a day at the beach or simply to cycle around scenic Fort Kochi visiting historic locations. There is a reason why Fort Kochi has been on every traveller’s ‘must visit’ list and a reason why it stays close to your heart once you do.

  • Your special day!
    Your special day!

    Planning a wedding during a global pandemic probably isn’t what you had in mind when you dreamt of this special day. Weddings are meant to be memorable, it’s the special day when you choose to share the rest of your life with someone special. It’s a day of promises and hope. The best part of a wedding is the chance to spend the day with your closest friends and family, to celebrate your happiness with loved ones. But now, the sheer scale of hosting a wedding within all necessary stipulations is enough to put anyone on edge, especially with travel restrictions remaining in place and the size of gatherings regulated. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have your special day!

  • Gourmet Secrets by Karen Anand, Savouring Beef Ularthiyathu at Forte Kochi, Kerala.
    Gourmet Secrets by Karen Anand, Savouring Beef Ularthiyathu at Forte Kochi, Kerala.
    Author: Karen Anand, Hindustan Times, India.

    The zest and pungency of Kerala cuisine can be sampled in a special dish, and here’s how you can make it too.

    The cuisine of Kerala is inseparable from its climate. The warm, green-lashed Malabar Coast has, for centuries, been the major center of the world’s spice trade, first with the Arab spice traders and then the Portuguese, Dutch, French and British. This state is the home of abundant fields of black pepper, cardamom and a variety of fragrant spices. These lend their zest and pungency to Kerala’s cuisine.

    The coastal area of Kerala, which has been subjected to foreign influences for thousands of years, is a strong fish and meat-eating region. Jewish settlers came to Kerala as long ago as AD 7, bringing with them the notion of slaughtering livestock as humanely as possible, so that the meat was acceptable or kosher. Soon after, Syrian Christians settled in Kerala. ...

  • Saint Francis Church
    Saint Francis Church, Fort Kochi

    Kochi, a city in the southwest corner of India has historically been a shelter for Arab, Chinese and European explorers who have left their influences on its palaces, synagogues and forts.

    FortKochi, a water bound region towards the south-west of mainland Kochi, houses most of the historical marvels created by these explorers. One such marvel is the St Francis Church, which is one of the oldest European churches in India.

    St Francis Church is a must visit when you are on a weekend trip to Fort Kochi. The church, known for its structural design and ever-charming ambience, is highly influenced by Dutch and Portuguese styles of architecture. ...

  • Paradesi Synagogue, Fort Kochi
    Paradesi Synagogue, Fort Kochi

    The beautiful city of Kochi has always been a shelter for many generations of visitors, especially refugees. It has always welcomed people with generosity, humility and with open arms. One fine example of this hospitality is the Mattancherry Synagogue. More popularly known as the Paradesi Synagogue, it is the oldest synagogue in the commonwealth of nations.

    To better serve the Jewish community which was growing in number, in 1568, the Paradesi Synagogue was constructed in the Mattancherry area of Cochin. The Raja of Cochin Rama Verma generously allotted land to the Jews in Cochin da Cima, or Upper Cochin, next to his own Dutch Palace . ...

  • The Dutch Palace, Fort Kochi
    The Dutch Palace, Fort Kochi

    Fort Kochi's imperial Dutch and Portuguese buildings give us a glimpse of the invasions and settlements in the spice-trading city, which happened over the course of centuries. The city's historically rich past and the remnants of history in the form of beautiful buildings make it an attraction for history lovers and tourists alike.

    The Mattancherry Palace is one such elaborate property, which was given as a gift from the Portuguese to the Raja of Kochi, Veera Kerala Varma as a gesture of goodwill in 1555 after the Portuguese ravaged a temple nearby. The Dutch later renovated the palace in 1663 following which it became popularly known as the Dutch Palace. This awe-inspiring palace today stands as one of the finest museums in India from historical, cultural and architectural perspectives. ...

  • 15 Things to do in Beautiful Fort Kochi
    15 Things to do in Beautiful Fort Kochi

    If you have already done all the cliché weekend getaways near you, Fort Kochi is a beautiful place to explore all through the year, and especially in the winter months. This alluring city with a beautiful history makes for a perfect trip with friends or family. Just an hour’s drive from Kochi Airport, Fort Kochi is a water-bound region also called Old Kochi.

    Kochi has historically managed to mesmerise the Portuguese, Dutch and the British who made it their port of call and subsequently their home. This resulted in a city which is home to an amalgamation of a multitude of cultures. All of this set on the Malabar coast gives you the perfect reason to pack your bags and plan a 3 day holiday to Kochi. ...

  • Toadies of toddy rejoice
    Toadies of toddy rejoice

    The toddy shop is as singular to Kerala as the bistro is to France. Over the centuries, the thatched huts of toddy bars that dot the idyll of God’s Own Country have evolved their own cuisine: mostly the poor man’s drinking snacks made from tapioca, fish and pork. The inaugural edition of the Toddy Shop Festival at Forte Kochi Hotel that continued over two months served both Indian and foreign patrons and guests the gastronomy of the countryside bars.

    F&B Manager Harikrishnan Kaniyarakkal says, “The first edition of the festival was a hit among people. To cater to the variety of clientele we get - Europeans, Americans, Asians and North Indians - we decided to reduce the spices to suit everybody’s palate.” ...

  • Forte Kochi - a luxury heritage hotel from the creators of Kumarakom Lake Resort.
    Forte Kochi - a luxury heritage hotel from the creators of Kumarakom Lake Resort.

    Forte Kochi sits on the popular Princess Street in Fort Kochi - one of the world's oldest cosmopolitan port cities, and a melting pot of cultures from across the world, and offers a glimpse into the colonial heritage of Kerala.

    Believed to be built by the Dutch, in the 1860s, the structure of Forte Kochi was once a part of the palatial home of an eminent Jewish family of Kochi. The architecture and the heritage aesthetics are a seamless blend of Portuguese, Dutch and British influences.

    Now restored to its past glory, the hotel enchants visitors with glimpses of life once known and lived, centuries ago. ...

  • Forte Kochi – a heritage hotel in Fort Kochi
    Forte Kochi – a heritage hotel in Fort Kochi

    The Paul Hotels & Resorts , dedicated to creating unique luxury experiences in the hospitality industry has unveiled yet another gem of a boutique hotel.

    This 5-star hotel “Forte Kochi” is steeped in the luxurious past of its namesake town.

    A breath-taking amalgamation of Portuguese, Dutch & British architecture, the originalbuilding used to be the abode of an eminent Jewish family. The beautiful structure was originally built by the Portugese, the mansion presents a medley of Portuguese, Dutch and British ...